Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cards for Shauna

Hello friends!
  Today I am starting a series of posts totally related to a friend, Shauna.  Shauna is a customer of our mailbox store and she is an avid paper crafter. A while back, she dropped off an entire portfolio of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and told my husband "give these to Bobbi because I don't use them anymore". There was so much paper in this package, that I shared it with 3 other friends! Of course I wanted to pay her but Shauna wouldn't accept anything. She said to just make her some cards.  Really?  I was totally blown away by her generosity, and I made these cards for her.  I left them blank without sentiments so that she could add her own, or write personal messages on the inside.
  I am a scrap keeper, so although I used my card stock, punches and embellishments, the designer paper is all from Shauna. Sometimes when I create cards, I have extra parts that I keep, and they were added to the design of these. Don't throw away your scraps as they come in handy sometimes. I put mine in a small plastic zip lock bag, and keep decent size scraps in larger bags, all color coordinated and in a bin. When I hold stamp camps and workshops, I visit that bin for decent size pieces that we can use for stamping images or sentiments.
  Here are the first 5 cards made for her. I will share the rest later in the week. Shaun, this post and these cards are dedicated to YOU!  Thank you for your wonderful generosity, and happy paper crafting my friend!


  1. Hello Bobbi: What a beautiful, generous gesture from your friend and you did a lovely thing for her too. This cards are beautiful and she will surely appreciate all of them.
    I also save all my scrap pieces, I have plastic shoe boxes for each color, even the small pieces come in handy when you need to punch or stamp a small image.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Bobbi,
    What a lovely thing you are doing for Shauna and your cards are so so pretty! I love the way you incorporate the papers in with your design for a soft, textured look. Although I admire the way you use every scrap of DSP - I have more than I could ever use up! But maybe I should give it a try....